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Indigenous Businesses in Queensland

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in Queensland
Economic independence and security are the building blocks of good health, functional families and successful communities.  That is why the Queensland Government is investing in policies and programs that encourage increased economic participation of Indigenous people.  The investment will encourage the growth and development of Indigenous businesses as they are a critical pathway for economic independence.
The facts:
  • Indigenous people are almost three times less likely to own their own business as non-Indigenous Australians.
  • In the 2006 census, only 6% of employed Indigenous people indicated they worked in their own business compared with 17% of employed, non indigenous people.
  • The evidence tells us that Indigenous employment in Indigenous businesses is significantly greater than 50%. By encouraging and strengthening Indigenous business we are also creating opportunities to break the unacceptability high levels of Indigenous unemployment.
One way to encourage the growth of Indigenous businesses is to better integrate businesses into private and government supply chains. There is growing evidence of a willingness of government and the private sector to purchase goods and services from Indigenous businesses. Increasing the information available in the market about the existence and capability of Indigenous businesses will support this and produce better business outcomes.